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Craft Performance Engines Warranty Disclaimer

Warranty Disclaimer

CPE crate engines come complete with 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty on all internal reciprocating parts(NOTE: Craft Budget Blueprint Engines come complete with a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty). Engines are required to be completely built and dyno tested by CPE. Any parts failures will be warrantied by manufacturer at their discretion. All warranties will be voided if engine is taken apart or raced in any form.

As of February 1, 2011, All Craft Performance Engines will be required to run Joe Gibbs Hot Rod or XP Series oil for all Warranty work. Because of recent changes to the production of oil the amount of Zinc vs. Detergents has changed to meet the latest EPA specs. All car manufacturers are required to warranty catalytic converters for 125K miles. For this reason the PPM zinc has been lowered and the PPM detergent has been raised. Zinc is the bonding element that adheres the oil to the metal, the lower amounts of Zinc will cause more wear on cold starts and low RPM Driving. We have taken extra steps to make sure your engine has been broken in and Dyno tested with Joe Gibbs Break-In oil, please help keep your engine alive.

Read this CAREFULLY before starting your engine!!!

  1. For final assembly work, please use qualified personnel only.
  2. Engines are shipped without oil
  3. Pre-Prime and check oil pressure. Observe proper torque specs.
  4. When installing oil pan and pick up tube, check clearances from rod to pick up tube and pick up tube to oil pan.
  5. Never use synthetic oil to start an engine! We recommend Joe Gibbs oil for your engine.
  6. Always check timing and oil pressure after starting engine. ***Know how to use your timing light.*** If a dial timing light is used, set dial on timing desired and set timing on ZERO mark on damper. Or set light on zero and set desired timing on DAMPER. We have heard of people setting the light on 34 degrees and timing damper on 34 degrees giving a total of 68 degrees timing. This WILL DAMAGE your engine. This had happened to a lot of people. That is why we prefer a regular, non-dial timing light for these reasons.
  7. Listen for unusual noises.
  8. When mixing antifreeze & water always use DISTILLED WATER
  9. Due to production tolerances on blocks and crankshafts, Craft Performance Engines LLC. is not responsible for rear main seal leaks.
  10. Be sure that you have an adequate fuel pump and fuel system.
  11. Your engine needs to have a rev limiter installed. Please contact us for more info.
  12. Check end play on crankshaft after installation of engine to insure that you have adequate clearance between rear of crankshaft and transmission.
  13. Make sure installer of engine installs correct flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, etc.
  14. Due to the use of aftermarket parts made of aluminum (which expands & contracts) you should check rocker adjustment periodically; and bolts should be checked for tightness. Periodically, you may need to torque: cylinder heads, intakes & drive train bolts.
  15. Racing is dangerous. CPE engines are not intended for use in aircraft.
  16. Use high performance parts, engines and power adders at your own risk. Keith Craft Performance Engines, Inc. hereby disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. CPE, Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of parts or engines. Craft Performance Engines, LLC. will not be held responsible for parts breakage. The manufacturer of the parts will need to be contacted. We install the partsówe do not manufacture them.
  17. Customer is responsible for checking pilot bearing depth & ensuring that pilot bearing is seated properly for the proper end play of crankshaft.
  18. CPE will not be responsible for issues with internal parts if the engine sits for more than 6 months before starting.
  19. If there are any issues or problems with your engine, contact us--not another shop.

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