Dear Customers,

We are in the impossible position of announcing - after many years of building engines - it has come time to close the doors. The parts supply chain issues we are all facing has proved too much for us to overcome, as well as many other builders. Having to wait numerous months for the parts we so desperately need to complete engines has made this business near impossible. We have tirelessly worked and emptied savings and retirement accounts to keep this wonderful business rolling. No matter how much fight a guy has, you sometimes hit a point that you have done all you can do. We have loved the years of connecting with customers/friends and are absolutely distraught this day has come.

We have spent the last couple of weeks trying our best to finish what we could, ship property back to customers, as well as thousands of miles trying to get as much to customers as possible. Anyone that still has parts here, please know they have been carefully collected and labeled with customer name and contact info. Anyone that has deposits with us have been turned over to our attorney - also including all contact info. We will move as quickly as possible to sell all machinery, inventory, and tooling to handle our debts.

Please keep our families in your thoughts and prayers, as we try to work through this mess the best we can. Our prayer is that our country gets back online very soon, so small businesses will quit facing this same fate. You guys have been a joy, we so appreciate getting to be a small part of your hotrod family!

Thanks in advance,

Craft Crew












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